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How to Taco 'Bout Hachie

Written by Waxahachie Locals

Everyone’s obsessed with tacos in Texas! Here in Waxahachie, we want you to live like every day is taco Tuesday. To make sure that this article accurately covers the Hachie taco scene, we polled our locals for their favorites to offer you as much insight as possible, and they gave us a lot to taco ‘bout . . .

From taco stands to taquerias . . . from drive-ins to dine-in restaurants, we hope this article will inspire you to eat more tacos!

Waxahachie native, Adrian Sanchez, claims that he has tried every taco in town and Super Garcia’s Meat Market is his personal recommendation for authentic tacos. If you’ve never been, you’ve got to know how to order . . . First, you pay at the register, THEN you take your ticket to the counter for the ladies to prepare your tacos. We tell you this because we want you to look like the seasoned taco professional that we know you really are when you walk through the door.

Photo Courtesy of Adrian Sanchez 

At a drive-in on the outskirts of downtown Waxahachie, formally known as the Dairy Mart, you’ll find one our newest taco stands, Hachie Tacos at 317 N. Elm St. Just as popular as the street tacos is the elotes (corn) in a cup. Upon receiving the cup of greatness, sprinkle the top with lemon pepper for some tang, plus a dab of the “chili elote sauce” for some heat like Wally Mendez recommends.

Photo Courtesy of @Hachie_Tacos 
The talk around town on social media groups Waxahachie Talk and Waxahachie Buzz is all about 2 more of our newest taco joints - Doña Jacky and Taco Facio Y Guisados.

Doña Jacky
is family owned business with the desire to bring a bit of the authentic taste of Mexico City street style food, snacks, sweets and drinks with an exemplary customer service. Satisfy your cravings with real fruit aguas frescas, homemade desserts such as flans, gelatine, and best of all authentic Mexican quesadillas, huaraches, gorditas and sopes.

Known as TFYG by the cool kids, Taco Facio Y Guisados is located in downtown Waxahachie and not only loved for their tacos, but also their gorditas, burritos, quesadillas, machetes, breakfast and quesabirria.

Also found in the heart of downtown, folks love El Mexicano Grill & Cantina for many reasons, but Ashley Ford sold us on their mini taco plate - “The mini taco plate will make your dreams come true. Smothered in grilled onions and cilantro, the sweet skirt steak melts in your mouth on the perfectly greased corn tortilla. Not to mention the dish is joined with borracho beans that are to die for!”
Photo Courtesy of El Mexicano Grill 

For Amy Higgins, it’s hands-down Taco Suave for the best tacos. They offer a cool outdoor taco stand vibe with food that is EVEN BETTER said Lauren Edwards. You’ll also find fried tacos on the menu, and we hear from a reliable source that they will make you a believer.

Photo Courtesy of Taco Suave 
Right up the road from Taco Suave, in an old-school shopping center, you’ll find El Trebol Taqueria. Long known in Waxahachie as the place for authenticity, Sarah Arden calls it the “BOMB” for its salsa and recommends trying her personal favorites of BBQ and al pastor for the meats.
Photo Courtesy of MapQuest  
On the north end of town, you will find Mi Casa Mexican Cuisine it their new location where they will “bring new taste into your life.” With the freshest of ingredients, tacos al carbon is a favorite choice among the diners tied with the fish tacos. Mi Casa es su casa!
Photo Courtesy of Waxahachie CVB 

If you’re a lover of Baja Cali style tacos, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop is the place to be. Sandy King describes their shrimp Baja tacos as “INCREDIBLE!”

Pro Tip: Janna Condor recommends adding garlic sauce. Garlic sauce at a taco shop? Who knew?

Photo Courtesy of Fuzzy's Taco Shop 

Looking for more of a “gourmet” taco experience? Tacos 4 Life serves up uniqueness and different twists for ingredients offering items ranging from Korean BBQ steak to Crispy Eggplant tacos, said Stuart Stevenson. The fact that for every meal purchased, one is donated to someone in need ranks high on the list of good things.

Annette Goss’ Pro Tip: Don’t skip their queso and a glass of paradise punch, both are AMAZING!

Photo Courtesy of Tacos 4 Life 
Are gas station tacos your jam? For an easy exit off of Highway 287 on the west side of Waxahachie at the Ovilla Road exit, you’ll find Go Loco Street Tacos & Burritos tucked inside Exxon Tiger Mart. Taco lover, Kenneth Denny, describes their street tacos as “legit!” . . . When traveling down I-35E, take the FM 66 exit and look for the Exxon station on the corner. “Those ladies in the kitchen crank out some good tacos and make all kinds of goodies,” said Adrian Sanchez.
Photo Courtesy of Go Loco Street Tacos & Burritos 

Now, for the all-important hard shell question . . . who has the perfect crispy taco? The people of Waxahachie have spoken, and it’s Taco Casa as the leader of the crunchy taco pack.

Reasons cited by Bonnie Lloyd include: fresh lettuce, great flavor taco meat, crunchy shells and lots of cheese. Brandi McClain points out that along with the freshness, it’s affordable, the drive-thru is fast and accurate.

We understand that having small chain restaurant take the honors for top crunchy taco might make you doubt the validity of this list; however, in Waxahachie, the experience is enriched by some extra friendly faces behind the counter including long-time employee of the month Michael Q that separates Taco Casa Waxahachie from the rest of Texas and earns it a place on this list for all of the reasons above and more.

Photo Courtesy of Waxahachie CVB 

If you love tacos so much that you can eat them for 3 meals a day, here’s some of our favorites in the breakfast taco category:

With a 50 year history of making one of the best hamburgers in Waxahachie, Oma’s Jiffy Burger founder, Oma Shaw, had the idea to create a breakfast item named The Omita. What is an Omita? The Omita is the quintessential Waxahachie breakfast taco - your choice of breakfast greatness hot off the seasoned grill and wrapped in a tortilla blanket. Thank you Roxie, Melisa and Stacy for keeping the Omita tradition alive!

Photo Courtesy of Mandy Poynor Hillner 
Long-time resident Teresa McNiel loves all of the breakfast tacos that can be found at Two Amigos Taqueria. Their red and green sauce is one of the things that sets them apart.
Photo Courtesy of Two Amigo's Taqueria 
Taste of Mexico Restaurant & Bakery is one of the newer niños on the block and has cultivated a loyal following especially during breakfast. A personal favorite is the Migas offering the best of both worlds - you can turn them into a delicious taco or skip the tortilla if you’re trying to cut the carbs.
Photo Courtesy of Waxahachie CVB 

If you’re wanting to get your breakfast taco on, but you also need to please the breakfast traditionalist in your entourage, Cancun’s Ameri-Mex Restaurant is a solid choice to get your day started.

Portion warning: The large breakfast taco is more like a breakfast burrito so pace yourself as you consume the bundle of joy.

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