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It’s the Things that You Love . . . It’s the Places in Your Heart!


When people begin to describe the history and charm of Waxahachie, they mention the historic homes, the vibrant downtown full of cheerful shop owners and antiques dealers. Or, they get caught up in telling the story of how they watched their hometown on the big screen in “Tender Mercies” in the 80s and saw Miranda Lambert play the Texas Theater before she made it big.

Waxahachie’s 120 years of history is more than one courthouse or a brush with Bonnie and Clyde (yep, that happened) or the energy they get walking the square on a warm summer night. For us who live and love here, it’s bigger than any folk tale. It’s our hometown.

#HachieHeart is a place where both locals and visitors can tell stories about the things they love and what makes Waxahachie a place in their heart. We invite you to join in on the storytelling by adding #HachieHeart to all of your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts.


How to Taco 'Bout Hachie

How to Taco 'Bout Hachie

Written by Waxahachie Locals  
Find Your Selfie in Downtown Waxahachie

Find Your Selfie in Downtown Waxahachie

Written by Waxahachie CVB Staff 
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