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Just Tigging Around


I have had a strong interest in art throughout my life using many different forms of medium’s from pen & ink, pencils, water colors, oils, wood carvings and bronzing taking top awards in different competitions. While doing the bronze foundry work I became interested in the tig welding process to make the bronze pieces. Although bronzing was very desirable it was a significantly long and costly process making the art pieces to be expensive for customers. This led me into continuing the enjoyment of tig welding and for the past 3 years I have been doing stainless steel flatware art full time with great success. I contribute this success to being able to create pieces at an affordable price and am able to create them in a short time frame. My process is all tig welded with various different techniques to bring a shine and luster to the welded pieces. All of my creations are made out of stainless steel 18/0 flatware and 308L rods and hardware. I have worked with regular steel on occasion but am not a fan of the rust, stainless steel pieces weather so much better with minimum discolorations and surface rust over time. I attend approximately 13 - 16 Festivals, Art Shows and Craft Fairs throughout the year (however 2020 has definitely changed things) generally selling around 2oo pieces at the larger shows. One of my favorite parts of doing shows is being able to see the many smiles my pieces bring to the patrons and seeing repeat customers. We greatly appreciate that TCR has decided to do the virtual festival and allowing it’s vendors to participate. Please visit us at http://www.JustTiggingAround.com

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