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Haven Meadows Studio

So what do artists actually do? When you look at art as language, communicating the more subtle aspects of our subjective experience, artists create mirrors through which we look deeper into ourselves. When you stand before a work of art and behold a sense of awe and wonder, you are experiencing something primal resonating throughout the core of your being. Something our modern sensibilities fail to articulate. A part of you recognizes a part of the artist, a place where you are one and the same, and art is the medium through which that resonance passes.

When you take a work of art home with you it becomes yours. You express yourself in how you choose to curate your space. The space you live in, the space you think in, all built with the things that hold meaning to you. When you find a connection to art, that connection is just as much about you as it is the mind that created it. Artists provide a means by which you can tell your story. However, it is YOUR story, and the story of the artist only matters as far as you can relate to it.

Art is an investment in ones self. So take ownership of your story. We are all curators and every mind and home is a museum dedicated to our personal history. Artists may provide some of the artifacts, but the cycle is not complete until you call out to your world with that same primal resonance and say…."Witness Me!” Tell your story with the same fury and fervor burning in the mind of the artist when he discovered the part of you that you have found. That sense of universal oneness. The all encompassing Us, expressed in the manners of our choosing.
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