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Patricia Castillo

Handmade clay sculptures that tell a story. The work includes utilitarian items, like candle holders, incense holders, clay skulls, folklore dance sculptures. Tradition and design mixed with modern and new techniques, overcoming challenges like weather, timing a clay sculpture to let it dry just enough to work with the clay & sculpt it , adjusting to types of clay and it’s different properties, firing & shrinking, looking for wire that doesn’t disintegrate while firing the sculptures. Choosing our next canvas or sculptures & mixing our own palette colors to create a concept of folk art keeping in mind our culture & ancestor's tradition. Painting each individual sculpture requires time, patience and a little piece of our hearts in each sculpture. Finding or losing a perfect brush to make small details as new ideas come to our minds, materials and processes find their way into the sculptures, and old methods from our ancestors are rediscovered. Tradition & Culture is a key, a very important component in Folk Art.
Thank you for joining me in this beautiful journey.
Patricia Castillo
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